GenerationRx Toolkit

GenerationRx Senior / Best Use of Medications Toolkit

The Cardinal Health Foundation and The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy recently released a new, interactive toolkit that pharmacists, health care providers, community organizations and others can use to help individuals avoid medication-related problems so they can get the best results from their medications. ASCP has partnered with the groups to introduce the toolkit as a resource to foster collaboration among ASCP members and community-based senior service providers.

The new GenerationRx Senior / Best Use of Medications toolkit provides all the resources needed to conduct a 30-60 minute educational session at a senior center, library, assisted living facility or other location, and features a variety of interactive materials that can be used to educate older adults and their caregivers about the safe use of medications and avoiding adverse drug events. The toolkit is available at GenerationRx.

Materials include:

  • Generation Rx: Getting the Best Results from Your Medications — A PowerPoint presentation (with talking points) that explains how to get the best results from medications and avoid medication-related problems or "adverse drug events."
  • Interactive activities including an "Rx Roulette" game that can be used to have an interactive discussion about the important components of a complete medication record; and a Bingo-style game that helps participants understand how to read over-the-counter medication labels.
  • Role play activities that help seniors understand how they can leverage their relationships with their physicians and pharmacists to ensure they get all the information they need about how to properly use their medications.
  • Web site resources that provide more information and materials for participants' own personal use, following the presentation.

The new GenerationRx toolkit is a complement to the outreach program’s previously released toolkits, which focus on prevention of prescription drug abuse.